Frequently Asked Questions


What is TAIAO?

TAIAO is community website designed to bring environmental scientists, data scientists, academics and the wider community together to share resources and collaborate. Using TAIAO, you can access and download a wide range of datasets, Jupyter Notebooks, software, and tutorials. You can also share your work, receive feedback, and help others with their work too.

What content is available on TAIAO?

There are a range of resources and tools available on TAIAO for data and environmental science applications. These include tutorials on using Python, software packages for machine learning applications, Jupyter Notebooks for environmental science use cases, and information on useful datasets to access.

What is the TAIAO community?

Here at TAIAO, we are a community or users, contributors and collaborators who work together to share, use and discuss data and information. As part of the community, you can ask questions, share comments and kōrero with data science or environmental researchers and practitioners by posting on our discussion forum or on individual datasets and notebooks.

How do I contribute to the discussion page?

There are one of two ways to join a discussion on TAIAO. You can either post on specific datasets and notebooks by opening the dataset or notebooks tabs on the TAIAO website or you can head to the Discourse page by clicking on ‘Find Out More’ on the TAIAO Community tab on the home page. Once you are on the Discourse page, choose a topic to delve into. If you can’t find the topic you are looking for or have a great idea for a new one, please message one of our friendly admins/moderators or email us at and we can open it up.

Is TAIAO free to use?

Yes, TAIAO is entirely free to use.




How do I register for TAIAO?

You will need to create an account to be able to share content to the TAIAO site. This process can be started by clicking through to the top-right Login button and following the instructions. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step.

I cannot activate my account

Your account may be in review by the TAIAO admins. Please send an email to if you would like an update on your account activation progress. Additionally, check your junk mail inbox for potential activation emails received and add the TAIAO email address to your safe senders list if it has been blocked.

I forgot my password

Please go to the GitLab login page and click the “Forgot your password?” link, which will allow you to reset your password.

I’d like to deactivate my account

Please log in to your GitLab account using this link to delete your account.




What type of data is available on TAIAO?

Datasets available on TAIAO are broadly within the field of environmental science and can cover areas such as climate and conservation. These datasets are suitable for a range of data science applications, and come in a variety of formats including images, geographic, and time-series information.

What is the easiest way to find the dataset I am looking for?

Click through to the Datasets page, then enter the name of the dataset into the search bar to quickly find the specific dataset you are looking for. Alternatively, click into the metadata fields on the left-hand side and filter datasets using the tick boxes.

How do I add a dataset to TAIAO?

You will need to sign in to your TAIAO account first, then access the Content Management System (CMS) interface through the top-right corner of the website. Detailed instructions for adding content can be found here.

Are there any restrictions on the type of data I can share to TAIAO?

We encourage the sharing of datasets that have practical use within the environmental and data science disciplines. Any datasets outside of this general scope will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by our content managers.

Am I able to use the data in my own research?

Yes, we encourage you to use the data in your work! Please make sure to cite the source of the data in line with general research practice.




How to add a notebook to TAIAO?

You will need to sign in to your TAIAO account first, then access the Content Management System (CMS) interface through the top-right corner of the website. Detailed instructions for adding content can be found here.




What software is available on TAIAO?

Various packages and libraries for data science are available on or can be accessed through TAIAO. These include machine learning algorithms, data preparation and visualisation tools.




I found an issue with the website. How do I report it?

Please email with details of the issue or alternatively, head over to the Discourse forum and start a new conversation with your website suggestions.

Where can I find TAIAO’s community guidelines?

TAIAO’s community guidelines can be found here.

I am having an issue. Where can I go to for help?

The TAIAO Discourse community forum is a great place to go to for help and support from your fellow community members. Alternatively, you can email for any guidance you need.