Community Guidelines

The TAIAO Community Guidelines describes how you are able to participate in the TAIAO community, expectations from you as a member of our community and pathways for engagement and moderation.

Code of Conduct

To grow and maintain a rich and diverse community, we have adopted to Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct for Open Source Communities. This sets our the pledge we make for our behaviours and standards, as well as guidelines to follow to enforce these.

Contribution Guidelines
  • All Datasets and Notebooks shared and discussion topics and comments must:
  • Aligns with one or more of the values of the TAIAO Project: Develop, Practical, Open, Co-design.
  • Meets the standards defined in our Code of Conduct.
  • Include metadata according to the TAIAO Metadata Standards.
  • Be shared by a Contributor with the necessary rights, licences and approvals to share the contribution.
  • Not contain any advertising of commercial services.
  • Comply with the requirements of the New Zealand Privacy Act 2020 and not contain any personal information, except the user names, name and email of the Dataset Contact Person or Notebook Author.
  • Comply with any relevant policies and procedures from organisations to which the Contributor belongs.
  • Give consideration to data storage requirements.
Contribution Process

All users of the TAIAO Community Platform are encouraged to share Datasets and Notebooks and participate in discussions, according to the following steps:

1. Register

Anyone can register as a Contributor on the TAIAO Community Platform To register, people will have to agree to the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

2. Share

Contributors can submit Datasets or Notebooks to share and participate in discussions.

3. Review

Datasets and Notebooks must be reviewed against the Contribution Guidelines and published by a Reviewer Discussion topics and comments are posted immediately without review. Datasets or Notebooks with a Cultural Extent defined will require an additional review by someone bringing a Te Ao Māori perspective.


Anyone can report Datasets, Notebooks or Discussions which they do not believe meets our Contribution Guidelines to either or any member of the TAIAO Project Steering Group.


The Reviewer may recommend revisions to better align with our Contribution Guidelines.

The Reviewer may remove any contributions from the TAIAO Community Guidelines which they deem not to align with the Contribution Guidelines.

Repeated or significant breaches of the contribution guidelines may result in user accounts being suspended.

Anyone can challenge the removal of contributions by contacting either or any member of the TAIAO Project Steering Group.

A Contributor may request the deletion of their Contributions at any point by contacting either or any member of the TAIAO Project Steering Group, with a reason for the deletion.

TAIAO Community Roles

To support and manage the TAIAO Community Platform, there will be the following roles:

Public UserUse content (datasets, notebooks + software)Everyone
ContributorShare content (datasets, notebooks, software + tutorials), Participate in discussionsEveryone
ReviewerReview and publish content following these guidelinesBeca Content Manager + Interested Contributors
Code ContributorWrite code for TAIAO Community PlatformBeca Team + Interested TAIAO Project Members, Collaborators
Code ReviewerVerify, merge and deploy code for TAIAO Community PlatformBeca Technical Lead
TAIAO Project Steering GroupContact points for Code of Conduct Enforcement, Assign roles, Maintain TAIAO ProtocolsProf. Albert Bifet (University of Waikato), Prof. Karin Bryan (University of Waikato), Jeremy Wright (Beca), Gregory Pearson (MetService)