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Mt Karioi preditor project

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WRC + Karioi Project

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Jim McLeod

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Nick Lim

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20s video clips of critters captured by motion sensor cameras, many false postives of branch movements and lighting changes Logs of 1550 traps located in Mt, Karioi, updates are sporadic and done manually



This data set encompasses more than two-thousand one hundred, thirty-second video clips captured using Infra-red triggered Bushnell cameras. The cameras are distributed through thirty locations within the Raglan region. Data collected from the cameras are individually annotated by members of the TAIAO project through the identification, using a bounding box, of an area of interest within the stream. The bounding box is then categorised into one of seven distinct groups given the activity captured by the camera. It should be noted that approximately seventy percent of the video frames are labelled as empty. Data is labelled in accordance with the Microsoft COCO specification.

The project is tasked with the detection of predatory animals within Mt Karioi, a part of the Pirongia Forest Park.

Video feed data

The following observation logs were compiled by conservation volunteers and citizen scientists, encompassing one thousand seven hundred and twenty four traps, spread over an area of three thousand eight hundred and sixty four hectares within Mt Karioi.

Observations, and manual logging

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